Emotions Coaching

Personal emotions coaching is one of the methods I use to help you gain freedom from your emotional turmoil and understand how to move forward in your life. I also use Splankna Therapy along with other Christ Centered modalities including algorithms and tapping to help clients find their own restoration.

In our lifetimes, we experience ups and downs, defeats and successes, as well as difficulties that block us from reaching our fullest potential. These experiences tend to determine our spiritual, mental or emotional well being. Negative emotions get stored as toxins in our bodies when we experience anything the body equates to as trauma. For example, you may not remember stubbing your toe when you were a kid, but your body remembers and stores that pain. Then, we make decisions in that experience from an unhealthy space. The result is we believe lies either about ourselves or those around us. These lies become our worldview.

Emotions or feelings, cause us to react in ways that make zero sense. Those emotions can control us and prevent us from moving forward in life. Sure, we work through some of these issues in private but there are times when you just need a kick-start into the next level of peace. You may have solid emotional obstacles that are stopping your progress. For example, you may have lies you have believed, vows you have made and agreements surrounding circumstances that all define how you respond to life professionally and personally. Often, we have zero clue what impact our past trauma has on our future. 


I lead you through the release of these toxic emotions, deposited at the height of your trauma. Many times the release of those feelings free you from unwanted cycles and repetitive drama. When I was introduced to this modality, I recognized where I was beating a dead horse. It was as if life was against me. I would be offended or defensive for no reason. Splankna helped my responses change so I was no longer tormented but became balanced and more at peace in my emotions. This tool helped me face life straight on when I used to be my greatest saboteur! I’m thankful and I LOVE helping others drop their pieces and enter into peace.

These techniques give you an opportunity to start over without all the turmoil. You are usually able to get to the root and identify the why behind the can't or won't. Also, when you get your own negative attitudes out of your own way you can find a closer relationship with your own self, others and God. We work with you to help you discover who you are, so you can grow purposeful and productive.

I have learned through my training and from countless ministry sessions with individuals, that emotions from your past tend to dictate your reactions to the future. There are various techniques I use to help you not only identify the root cause, but also allow you to release and remove the emotions so you can have a brand new response. You can have a transformed future.

Please contact me to discuss how energy work can help you. Understand I am not a licensed counselor or medical professional.  I am making no claims to “heal” or “fix” problems but am using this modality in conjunction with Holy Spirit to help move you forward.

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Splankna is a Christ-based therapy to help address spiritual, mental or emotional health issues. This protocol helps you:

  • Identify and address negative emotional impacts on your well being

  • Discover how past traumas keep you in recurring cycles

  • Release toxins stored in your body due to emotional crisis

  • Address emotional triggers causing you to spiral into confusion 

  • Gain understanding and freedom from past lies and false beliefs

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Group Coaching & Training

Emotions training and group coaching sessions are offered on a scheduled basis via online and in-person events. These events are designed to help you:

  • Understand how specific emotions can impact your emotional well being

  • Bring clarity regarding how you may be trapped inside a repeat cycle

  • Discover tools and techniques that can help you address your issues

  • Have a private and safe place to share, connect and be encouraged

  • Ask questions and get results

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Personalized Life Coaching

I also offer personal life coaching. These are customized packages designed to provide an intensive set of sessions and follow-up engagements. The intention is to help bring you into a new level of understanding and emotional freedom. These personalized coaching programs are specific to your needs and may include:

  • Personal life coaching sessions

  • Splankna or Energy sessions

  • Frequent follow-up calls

  • Daily encouragement

  • Text updates and access


Schedule a Session

Contact me to discuss scheduling a session tailored to help address your specific needs or preferred type of engagement.

After a short discussion, I will email you an information packet for your review and forms to be completed and sent back for my assessment, prior to you appointment.

A deposit is required when you decide to book your appointment.

In person sessions are held at my home office in West Houston or I can come meet with you if arranged during our conversation.

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